Flash fiction stories, poetry and self-confidence handbook

Flash fiction story : Wait and dream

I watch the bumper cars and listen to the 80s tune that blares out of the cheap speakers, distorting the words so you have no idea what’s being sung unless you happen to know the song. The sound is so loud that it makes conversation impossible. The music mixes and... read more

Importance of writing a personal journal (free eBook)

Writing a personal journal has a way of healing. When you write something down that troubles you it makes space for solutions to come your way. When you write something down that excites you it gives you an opportunity to always look back on that event with fondness.... read more

Pursue your passion – live your dream (free eBook)

I work with women over 30 who are looking to pursue their passion and live their dream but what happens if you have no idea what your passion is? Well, my latest free personal development eBook covers that topic. Pursue Your Passion & Live Your Dream takes you... read more

The Game Of Life and How To Play It Free PDF

I have put together two free PDFs which both focus on the New Thought book ‘The Game Of Life and How To Play It’ by Florence Scovel Shinn. It provides a metaphysical look at prosperity and the law of attraction without really focusing on those topics.... read more

101 things to know about being an introvert (free eBook)

I am an introvert and I believe we are a real blessing to have around 🙂 While being outgoing is celebrated being quiet and a thinker really isn’t but that’s okay. When you have self-confidence you learn how to accept and love yourself exactly as you are.... read more

101 positively inspiring six-word stories

The most famous six-word story which is also a memoir was written by Ernest Hemingway. His peers bet him that he could not write a short story in just six words. He is quoted as saying that he saw this story as his best work. “For Sale: baby shoes, never... read more

52 six-word questions free ebook

Yesterday I wrote a blog post called 52 six-word questions that you can ask to get you thinking about the life you want. Today I put them all together as a free ebook that you can download by clicking the link below. Free personal growth ebook :  Positive Questions to... read more

Free eBook : Ultimate Self-Care

Free Self-Help eBook : Ultimate Self Care – how to ensure your needs are met Sixty years ago the main responsibility for most women was to take care of her husband, home and children. Now in 2015 we are still performing those roles but also have the added... read more

The Silence

It rings out from empty pages and forgotten journals. It follows me as I watch TV and sit in the garden admiring the red of the robins chest. I want to do something about it but resistance grips me and another day goes by without a word written or a story shared. I... read more

Grow your own fresh air

There are many things we can grow but did you have any idea that you could grow your own fresh air? Well until yesterday neither did I. I am powering through my Detox Specialist Diploma Course and lesson 11 is all about the toxins in the air we breathe. To be honest... read more

Letting Go – The Key to Getting What You Really Want

Each time we see the need to let go of something — a bad habit that drags us down, an unsatisfactory relationship, a career choice that can’t complete us in the way we dreamed it would, or maybe unrealistic expectations of ours about others that eventually... read more

Before a fall

I had never ridden a bicycle before but he dared me and I wasn’t about to admit my failings to anyone, especially him. So what if I was a girl, I was older and taller than he was with a desperate need to prove I was equal. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t sat on a bike... read more

10 rewards for reaching health goals that are not food

I really believe in the reward system for successfully achieving anything, so I decided to give myself rewards for reaching health goals that are not food. At the beginning all my rewards were food related. I ate well all week and then stuffed my face with junk food... read more

Live accordingly

Happy New Year to you. 2015 is here and I thought I would start the New Year with an observation of how I live and intend to keep living. “You are a perishable item – live accordingly” – That was the quote I saw on Twitter recently. I love it... read more

Life is too short to wait

I’ve been doing that waiting thing again and I had to remind myself that life is too short to wait. I do this thing where I believe my life will be happier, better, somehow magically different when I have X. X could be money, a man in my life, more clothes, less... read more

Feel the fear and deal with it already

I was raised by pessimists. It was always easy to feel the fear. If there was anything worth doing it was always worth focusing on why it would never work, why it should never be attempted and why the status quo is the best possible way of life you could ever ask for... read more

The Enchantress

Julian watched the pot boil. He added a few onions and some more garlic before walking over to the large pile of chopped wood he had put together earlier. He picked up some of the larger pieces to add to the fire. He wanted to make sure there was no chance of the fire... read more

Middle Of The Road

Roger McDonald lived his life with a clear understanding that nothing came from complaining about how bad life can be. Every morning he opened his carpet shop, one of four he owned, and greeted his customers not so much with a “can do” attitude but not with a “can’t... read more

Just Moving (micro-fiction story)

We were always running. My mum and me. Packing up what few belongs we had and moving in a new direction. No particular place. Just moving. I was never sure who or what we were running from but no sooner had we settled and no sooner had I made a few friends, and we... read more

The inner journal critic

I have an inner journal critic. She often picks on me. Whenever I sit down to write She likes to laugh and shout and scoff. Creativity, she says, is not my thing. Why bother even try. Just stop right now and walk away. Save myself from the pain this day. For failure... read more

7 Confidence Building Tips

There are many ways to lose your sense of confidence which is why I wanted to include some confidence building tips that will help. Wishing we had more self-confidence instead of being thankful for what we do have is one way. Spending time living beliefs that were... read more

Being inspirational

When you aspire to live your dream you inspire others to live theirs and for me that’s what being inspirational is all about. Its not about telling people what they should be doing with their life but aiming for and achieving results  in my own. Judy is an old... read more

Memoir and personal history prompt – memories

A great way to evoke memories for your memoir or personal journal is to think about the past (of course!) and to pick out specific events that happened. You may only write a sentence or two about them but what I have found is that sometimes they turn into something... read more